The family enterprise

Frucht HimbeereFrucht Apfel

From Gutenstein for the world! We produce over 50 million items per year in Lower Austria, at the foot of the Schneeberg. 

As an owner-run, Austrian family business, Klosterquell Hofer relies on strategic corporate orientation instead of short-term profit maximisation. Values, competence, integrity and our employees are the important success factors for us. 

The spheres of work and private life are generally closely intertwined in family-run companies. An atmosphere of respect, trust, responsibility and dialogue ensures that we enjoy being part of the Twist and Drink Klosterquell family, and that we do what we do with all our heart, joy and passion.


It all began with Kurt Hofer senior, who inherited a barn for cows through which ran a water source. “I always wanted to have my own company”! He started to consider what entrepreneurial measures he could undertake in order to preserve the location of Gutenstein. He came upon the idea of bottling his fresh mountain spring water and adding fruit flavours.

And thus a concept was born: a colourful refreshment to make childrens’ eyes light up in delight. The success story of Twist and Drink was initiated in 1973, and has continued uninterrupted up to the present day.

Today, Kurt Hofer junior manages the company in its second generation. His excellent technical and entrepreneurial competence, combined with good instincts regarding people, products and trends have made him highly successful.

He places great significance on a strong connection to his team; the Twist and Drink family, values, tradition and his own family.

The focus of his work is to further expand the company, to modernise the organisational structures and to open up new markets and business areas. Innovations such as the “Twist and Drink ice cream” are just the beginning. 


The production location of Gutenstein is closely connected with the Administration Headquarters in Vienna. One particular feature of our family-owned company is its regional roots. Although we are growing and operating on a global scale, and our business is still expanding internationally, our roots remain in Gutenstein and in Vienna. This has a positive influence on regional development, and effects on the company.


Then as now, it is our aim to put a smile on the faces of kids and adults alike with each swallow of Twist and Drink. We give you a moment of care-free enjoyment and happiness. Twist and Drink is the fruity-refreshing reward for big and little people, made from Austrian mountain spring water and real fruits.

The brand

Linie GrünLinie GrünLinie RosaLinie Grün

The packaging

Colourful, soft and unique in taste and shape. Any child, even the smallest ones, can open their drink themselves, meaning that the enjoyment of this fruity drink from Austria already starts with a refreshing feeling of empowerment! Twist and Drink is a symbol for rewards, fun and games, and is of an ideal size when travelling or at home.

The beverage

Mountain spring water from Austria and fresh fruits provide a unique taste. Submerge yourself in the multicoloured, motley diversity of the Twist and Drink family to find your personal favourite variety and taste! 

The emotion

We want to put a smile on childrens’ faces. We want adults to let go of their cares for a second, to relax and enjoy. We want to reawaken past, happy memories. Above all, Twist and Drink should be a reward, bringing happiness, pleasure and enjoyment.

The production

Linie GelbLinie GrünLinie RosaLinie GrünLinie Gelb

The location

The Production facility in Gutenstein represents the foundations of our success. Our homeland is important to us, as it is our roots which shape our identity. Production within Austria can only be upheld long-term through the highest quality standards and a good team. As the most significant employer and relevant training establishment in the region, the owner family is highly conscious of its entrepreneurial responsibilities.

The people

The people working for us view themselves as a family which pursues a common and mindful path. Kurt Hofer jun. manages the Austrian family business with authenticity and integrity, maintaining close links to his employees, markets and customers. He is a visionary and hard worker combined, and, together with the entire Production team in Gutenstein, the Administration in Vienna and his brand ambassadors abroad, works with competence, passion, force of implementation and enjoyment towards delighting people sustainably with fruity, mountain spring water beverages under the brand name Twist and Drink.

The manufacture

Our production is highly innovative, unique and gentle on resources. The manufacture, filling and sealing of Twist and Drink all happen in one production step. This avoids complex, energy-inefficient logistical detours and facilitates optimised transportation. One machine is able to produce 50 units per minute, 3000 units per hour, 72,000 units per day and 1,400,000 units per month.

Waste is completely recycled and returned to the manufacturing process. One third of the material used consists of recycled material. 


50 years
Twist and Drink

The team

We are a family business where people work with joy, passion and enthusiasm. We love creating visions, defining and achieving goals and shaping the Dreh und Trink brand together. Our key to success is the people behind Twist und Drink.

Linie GrünAlfi Apfel
Mag. FH Kurt Hofer
  • value-oriented
  • resilient
  • human
  • loyal

Kurt Hofer

Managing director
Karin Teufner
  • astute
  • meticulous
  • stress-resistant

Karin Teufner

Management assistance
Katharina Horacher
  • worldly
  • attentive
  • honest

Katharina Horarcher

Accounting controlling
Mirela Sabic
  • balanced
  • flexible
  • conscientious

Mirela Sabic

Accounting Assistant
Timm Hildebrandt
  • dedicated
  • determined
  • innovative

Timm Hildebrandt

Jonas Smietana
  • appreciative
  • thoughtful
  • humorous

Jonas Smietana

Sales and distribution
Hanna Haiderer

Hanna Haiderer

Sales and distribution
Lorenz Brahaj
  • determined
  • courageous
  • quick-witted

Lorenz Brahaj

Sales and distribution
Matthias Wies
  • motivating
  • responsible
  • convincing

Matthias Wies

Sales and distribution
Andrea Ofner

Andrea Ofner

Planning and logistics
Regina Deutsch

Regina Deutsch

Quality management
Manfred Herz

Manfred Herz

Julia Wolf

Julia Wolf

Marketing (Parental leave)

The export

Children and adults love Twist and Drink. We have achieved success in over 20 different countries.

Czech Republic

Saudi Arabia
Palestinian Autonomous Territories
South Korea





The sustainability

Linie RosaLinie Grünerfrischendes WasserDreh und Trink varieties Gebirgsquellwasser


  • Mountain spring water
  • Real fruits
  • Sugar


  • 30% of the packaging is recycled.
  • We work continuously on sustainability measures.
  • Make a contribution! Dispose of waste in plastic containers.

Regional origin

  • Production exclusively in Austria
  • Largest employer in Gutenstein 
  • Important trainer company in the region

Free of ...

  • Plasticisers (BPA)
  • Sweeteners
  • Colourings